Juniata Valley Winery

The Juniata Valley Winery offers a variety of high quality wines created in the farmlands of central Pennsylvania. Our tasting room here at The Point Barn offers our entire selection of wines.

Our Wines

Our Merlot – RS 0% Heavy, tannin dry red
St. George’s Cabernet – Full Bodied Cab Sauv- Dark and Smoky
Four Kings – RS- 0% A unique blend of Merlot, Cab Franc, Chancellor and Chambourcin. Delicious
Cabernet Franc – RS 0% 2016 French Oaked
Pinot Grigio – This delicious white wine carries hints of pineapple and citrus. RS
Made In The Shade – A wonderful blend of our estate Traminette and French Seyval
School’s Out – R.S. 2.5 %. A light fruity blend of three favorite white wines. This wine goes well with any light summer dish, pasta, chicken or pork. It is universal and is great for any occasion. Serve chilled or not, it’s your choice. At JVW – school is always out!!!
Slainte – R.S. 2.5%: A smooth semi sweet Riesling with a just a touch of green apple at the end. Delicious!Riesling pairs nicely with spicy foods, poultry and pork. Try it with Thai food.
Cats Eye White – RS 6.0% This sweet white wine is made from the Niagara Grape. If you like sweet white wines, this is the wine for you.
Happy Sloth – Our Newest Wine!! As one of our more exotic wines, Happy Sloth is a blend of delicious Mango and pink Catawba! Sweet and tropical, it’s like summer in a glass any time of year.
A Kiss Goodnight – Our Sweet Traminette with it’s hints of floral and citrus is as smooth as a Kiss Goodnight. It is guaranteed to be a “Knock Out” at your next main event!!
Cayuga For A Cause – JVW is teaming up with our local Heroes at the Friendship Fire company to bring you “Cayuga for a Cause” $2.00 is donated from each sale to FFC to help local families who are fighting breast cancer. Together we fight. Together we win.
Easy Way Out – Delicious Spiced Red Table Wine
Cats Eye Red – R.S. 6.5%. This fun sweet red wine is made from the Concord Grape. It’s favorable aroma and classic flavor makes this wine a staple.
Red Headed Step Child – A perfect blend of two favorites! This sweet wine is one of our best sellers.
Morning Thief – Filled with the flavor of fresh strawberries, this fruit wine pairs well with everything from chocolate to cheesecake. A wonderful dessert (or instead of dessert) wine because it is sweet and fruity. Strawberry wine is nice at room temperature or chilled.
Summers Tanager – R.S. 10%. Made from Red Raspberries this wonderful wine delivers the fruity taste of raspberry, followed by a light tartness. It can be served chilled or not. It goes well with any chocolate dessert.
Blueberry Bunting – Pennsylvania Blueberry Wine. One of the joys of summer in the Juniata Valley is blueberry season. Another is capturing a glimpse of the iridescent colors of an Indigo Bunting. A perfect combination. Enjoy!!!
Midnight Howler – 100% Cranberry Wine.
Red Wing Blackberry – Made from 100% Blackberry. A delicious sweet wine full of ripe Blackberry fruitiness! Pairs well with spicy food or desserts. Try this wine chilled with chocolate.
Autumn Harvest – Autumn in Pennsylvania is a great season for picking apples and drinking wine. Juniata Valley Winery has put together a sweet spiced apple wine just for the occasion. This wine is a great addition to your holiday traditions. Drink it cold or warm it up for a cool fall night.
Royal Red – RS 4% 20% Alcohol Fortified Cab Franc- Warm with Deep Flavors
Traminette – The traminette is a semi-sweet but crisp white with a nice citrus flavor.
Chardonnay – RS 0% Unoaked Chardonnay
Painted Lady – RS 0% A Light French Seyval