The Shops At The Point Barn

Edelholz Hardwood Furniture And Gifts
The Edelholz store is filled with furniture and gifts that are crafted from Pennsylvania hardwoods and partnered with early iron industrial artifacts to create furniture which are actually works of art, of which have never been seen before. Just as unique as each piece is so is the Edelholz logo that is hand carved in every piece. On Every piece of Edelholz furniture a hand carved Edelweiss flower will be found guaranteeing that it is hand crafted from Pennsylvania hardwoods.  From the live edge tables to the rockers and to the cupboards all have the hand carved edelweiss flower.

In addition to their fine line of dining room and kitchen furniture you will find a complete line of practical gifts, also crafted from Pennsylvania hardwoods. Cutting boards, trays, bread boxes, and even picnic baskets and more. Almost all the Edelholz gifts can be personalized with that special text for just that special person. Stop by and see for your self

Annie’s Quilts and Crafts
Annie is old order Amish. All of the products in her store are made by her and other talented Amish people. You’ll find over 100 of the worlds finest Amish-made quilts, all hand sewn by the talented seamstresses of the Old Order community.  You’ll find Appliqued quilts, Bargello quilts, Fire Island Hosta quilts, Log Cabin quilts, Mariner’s Compass quilts, Patchwork quilts, Star quilts, and many more.

Amish General Store
The Amish General Store is the largest selection of exclusively Amish products outside of Lancaster County. Shop 3,000 square feet of beautiful Amish-made products featuring foods and textiles. You’ll find a huge selection of jarred goods including jams, sauces, fruits and vegetables, soups, bulk foods and more. You’ll also find a huge selection of place mat and runner sets, quillows and more.

Juniata Valley Winery
Our Pa Wine Stable features made in Pennsylvania wine by the Juniata Valley Winery.  Juniata Valley Wines offer a variety of high Quality wines created in the farmlands of Central Pennsylvania. A number of JVW’s excellent dry and sweet wines have been awarded medals in PA wine competitions. The Point Barn offers free wine tastings so stop by and enjoy! The PA Wine Stable hours are the same as The Point Barn.

Point Barn Antiques

The Point Barn Antiques is a collection of some of the finest antiques in Pennsylvania. You’ll find the antiques interspersed throughout the Amish General Store, Annies Quilts and Crafts and the Edelholz store. The collection has been curated by Dick Cormel over a period of many tears and features antique furniture such as antique chairs, antique tables, antique cabinets, taxidermy, gristmill parts, antique crank telephone, industrial machinery and much more.

The Metal Market Place

The Metal Marketplace at the Point Barn has thousands of metal items salvaged from factories, construction sites, renovations, and many other places where unique metal products can be found. You’ll find metal objects of almost every size and shape. Gears, chains, platforms, containers, wheels, hooks, springs, pipes, valves, turnbuckles, and much, much more. The types of metal you’ll find here are aluminum, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, iron, and bronze.

Our Lilly Of The Field Green House

Our Lilly of the Valley Green House is open seasonally from April through July with a selection of plants including hanging baskets, potting plants, rodadendrons, knock out roses, and much more. All of our plants are procured from some of the finest local nurseries.