The Point Barn is listed as one of 443 “Best Barns of Pennsylvania”. As these wonderful bank barn structures built by early settlers from about 1790 to 1890 are slowly dwindling it took Dick Cormell, a 30-year timberman to appreciate the art of the barn and bring it back to its glory. The Point Barn is an amazing testament to the skills of the past and a commitment to preserving the farm and timber culture. The barn is also a landmark of Point Township in Pennsylvania Dutch Country and is worth the trip just to see the towering cupolas, bubble glass windows, hand-hewn logs, and stone foundation. Today this century-old dairy farm is home to 15,000 square feet of unique antiques, a furniture store like you’ve never seen before, a taste of made in Pennsylvania wine, and Annie’s (old order Amish) quilts and crafts.

PA Cherry Tray Personalized


If you’re looking for a practical but beautiful way to say you’re Penn State, here it is. Our trays come in solid oak or Pennsylvania cherry and will add a warm beauty to any kitchen. They’re designed so that when not in use you can store them upright and proudly show the engraved PSU logo.
Size: 13″d x 20″w x 2.5″h
Weight: 3 lbs



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